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The Ticket Office - STARTING POINT FOR ALL TOURS - is located inside the Art Passage at the west side of the Oldtown Square, in the middle of the passage on the left side, marked with Prague Tours Ticket Office signs, Adress: Male Namesti 459/11, Praha 1, 110 00, please see picture gallery for details.


Der Startpunkt für alle Führungeh ist in unserem Ticket Office, situiert innerhalb der Art Passage auf der Adresse: Malé Naměstí 11, markiert mit Prague Tours Schildern, unweit der Astronomishen Uhr. für Details siehe STARTING POINT

For exact directions please follow the information below together with our contact details.

Explanations: *DAILY all year long Except Dec. 24,25   ** DAILY all year long Except Dec. 24,25&31

1: 7pm Tour: 1.Oct.-1.Apr.+**,  2: 10pm Tour: 1.Apr.-1.Oct. , + S-Prime season Only 1.June – 1.Nov.

ONLINE bookings are also not enabled  for Dec. 23,26,30 and Jan. 1st - but on these days tour do run regulary.

GPS coordinates 

Latitude: N 50 05.190 / N50 05 11 / 50.086499 
Longitude: E 14 25.185 / E14 25 11 / 14.419744

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